Jim Bramlett (7 July 2011)
"America's failed legal system"

Concerning the acquittal of child murderer Casey Anthony, most TV legal pundits are exalting America's legal system, saying, "The legal system worked."  What a farce.

It did not work.  As with the O.J. Simpson trial, it failed miserably.

Our legal system allows a clever, unscrupulous defense attorney (spell that s-c-u-m-b-a-g) to outright lie and harmfully slander innocent others just for the sake of defending his client.  They say, "He/she is entitled to a defense."  True, but a defense should only be allowed with truth.  Defense attorneys feel they have the right to lie, invent scenarios, and slander others, without evidence, to deceive and mislead the jury.  That is wrong, wrong, wrong!!!

Only someone like fellow Hispanic and illegal immigration supporter, Geraldo Rivera, would rant to defend Hispanic defense counsel, Jose Baez.  Fox News should fire that perpetually misguided character.

To be admitted to the bar, all attorneys should be required to pledge to always seek the truth and renounce lying and fabricated defense scenarios.  Some would still lie, but such a pledge might help justice prevail in more cases.

In the meantime, little Kaylee Anthony lies dead in her grave, and our legal system says that no one is guilty of killing her.  Outrageous!  The prosecution's case was powerful.  It could not have been stronger.  But the truth was not good enough.  The jury believed a lying lawyer.

But little Kaylee is with Jesus and very happy right now.  And the great and supreme Judge of the universe, God, will make the final verdict.  There is only one way that Casey, or any of us, can escape God's judgment and wrath, and that is by the bloody sacrifice of his Son, for our sakes.  Let is pray that Casey will find Jesus and that mercy and grace provided only through Him.