Jim Bramlett (28 July 2011)
"From Barack Obama"

Steve Bridges impersonates Barack Obama:

To my critics, I offer this stern warning.  I am made of rubber and you are made of glue.  What bounces off me sticks on you.

I know the value of a dollar.  As a kid, I worked hard at Baskin Robbins and saved up enough money for my very first tele-prompter.

About the economy, I wish I had a crystal ball, but the company that makes crystal balls just went out of business.

We must eliminate our debt to China.  The problem with borrowing from China is that 30 minutes later you feel broke again.

I am going to invest in our infra-structure.  We must rebuild our roads and our bridges, so the American people will have a place to live under, and jump off of.

A lot of folks are asking, "How are we going to pay for all this?"  Let me be clear.  We will print money until we run out of paper.  And when we run out of paper, we will borrow more from China.

Under my new health care plan, we are going to save some money.  In the future, TSA airport scans will double as X-rays, to be analyzed by your doctor.  Airport security folks will also perform simple procedures, such as prostate checks.  They are already wearing those rubber gloves.

We will also end childhood obesity.  Kids are getting too fat.  That's why I am introducing my new plan, "No child's behind left alone."

With these changes, Americans will live longer, and I can propose my new retirement age of 97 years old.

On foreign policy, I will remain open but firm.  The President of Iran recently sent me a threatening letter.  In return, I sent him an autographed photo of his nuclear sites.  And I made it clear to him, that if he did not copy that letter and send it to ten other world leaders, he would have very bad luck.

From Steve Bridges at http://www.stevebridges.com/obamavideos-promo-july2010-lg.html