Jim Bramlett (28 July 2011)
"Is Obama an intentional saboteur?"

Dear friends:

In his rare, insightful way, Rush Limbaugh has spoken a great truth that no one else in the media has had the courage to say, although I have thought it for a long time. 

Rush says that Obama is either clueless or a saboteur.  To me, he is too smart to be clueless, and that leads to only one conclusion: He is a saboteur -- an intentional saboteur!  See Limbaugh: Obama 'Clueless or Saboteur'

That means he is purposely doing harm to America, hoping to destroy our economy, our traditions, and all that we are and hold dear, even our government.  The evidences are many, which I will not repeat here.

Is that a surprise, given his consistent upbringing and tutelage by anti-Americans, terrorists, and Marxists?  This includes Marxist Frank Marshall Davis and terrorist Bill Ayers.  Obama is simply living out what he is.  He is on a mission. 

Only a citizenry of fools, or welfare slaves, would elect such a man to be President.  Only a blind, far-left media would support and refuse to vet him.  We are all paying the price.

Sadly, it may be too late to get rid of him before the America we love is history.  I suspect he will either invent or use a crisis to declare martial law to perpetuate his power indefinitely.  That crisis may be the incoming Planet X or Elenin space object, or possibly a new war in the Middle East with Iran, which seems imminent.

But if Obama is the biblical antichrist, as many believe, his future and his end are certain, predetermined, and short, thank God.