Jim Bramlett (27 July 2011)
"It's coming!"

Dear friends:

In his July 26, 2011 TV broadcast, Pastor Creflo Dollar said:
"For about a month now, I hear this every day, several times a day, 'It's coming.  It's coming. It's coming.  It's coming.'  It got so strong yesterday, and the day before, that I just started walking through the house pleading the blood of Jesus.  'It's coming.  It's coming. It's coming.  It's coming.'" 
What's coming?  Creflo then begins talking about the rapture.  He mentions six raptures in the Bible.  Three have already happened: Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus.  He said in those first three cases, people knew in advance.  He reminded us that the Bible says that God will not do anything without revealing it to His prophets.

Creflo went on to say:
"I am telling you.  Something's coming.  It will shake the entire earth.  It will spark something we have never seen.  Let it heard today.  Let it be recorded right now.... that I place before you right now: This is not the time to be playing church.  This is the time to make sure that your house is in order."
Creflo is speaking in the Spirit and even he does not understand all that he is talking about.  Let us pay attention.

Full message at http://media.worldchangers.org.edgesuite.net/archives/daily/2011/July_26_confidence_in_his_presence_500.mp4

Be of good cheer.  It's coming!