Jim Bramlett (18 July 2011)
"Divine healing is for today!"

Dear friends:

The article below supplies 12 solid reasons why we know for sure that physical healing is always God's will.  It describes what God says about physical healing, not what people or their tradition may say. We have to make a choice.

People will be healed as they are reading this, as they believe, absorb and act upon God’s words quoted herein. Prepare to receive your healing. The healings may be instantaneous or they may be gradual, beginning this very day.

The biblical truths contained therein cannot only bring physical healing for yourself, but you can use them to minister healing to others. I pray that many reading this right now will become vessels for God’s healing power to many others who are sick.

Remember: Sickness is NOT God's will!


In addition, below is a link to an article from Christian Darg's ministry magazine, Exploits. Peter and Christine are missionaries with their own ministry, primarily in the Middle East where they have a powerful outreach to both Jews and Arabs. They also represent the 700 Club in that part of the world and have served as 700 Club news correspondents. I have known them for more than 30 years.

Peter's initial testimony demonstrates the power of faith combined with oral confession.

Christine describes how divine healing was common and expected in the early church and how it began to disappear when liberalism and unbelief began to creep into the church, which is common today.

See http://www.choicesforliving.com/spirit/part4/stripeshtm.htm

Be blessed!