Jill Hart (21 July 2011)
"Eliane B and the Lords Feast Dates"


I was looking back over the letter you wrote outlining why Pentecost
has to be the next fulfilled feast and that it couldn't happen until
50 days after 7 weeks. The thing that hit me, because we have heard
speculation that the feast of trumpets is the next feast to be
fulfilled, is that Jesus was talking to Jews and when He said "no man
knows the day or hour" which is the verse given to justify the feast
of trumpets He was talking about His second coming not about the
rapture.  The feast of trumpets might be the start of the 70th week.
Perhaps between Pentecost and Trumpets the 4 horses ride, then the
trumpet judgements start, or perhaps August is the 30 minutes of
silence in  observed in heaven.

Exciting times we live in.