Jill Hart (18 July 2011)
"Re: Mary Re: Lacking"

Dearest Mary,

Today I so needed to hear the testimony you gave about what a great
and awesome God we serve.  As I write this to you I have tears of joy
streaming down my face. Some days the enemy just attacks and attacks,
but God is so faithful, He always provides a way to bring joy even in
terrible situations.

I have a small farm with goats and a cow and chickens, ducks, dogs,
cats n rabbits.  We normally stake out the two big billies and our cow
out on the side of our house in a field. I woke up this morning to
find the cow and one of the goats smack dab in my vegetable garden - I
was heart broken. The other Billy was wondering around on the other
side of the fence staying out of trouble. But God, being the Faithful
God He is, tangled up the two in the garden to a metal sprinkler stand
that was in there too so the damage they did was minimal. I have come
to the conclusion that they were all pulled loose by some mischievous
demon around 4:30 this morning. God woke me up at that time, though I
had not gone to bed until midnight, but I never did look out the
window so went back to sleep.

So looking forward the end of our struggles here and to our new home
with our Lord. Thank you John for keeping this site faithfully, the
letters or so encouraging and insightful.

Your sister and fellow watcher,