Jill (23 July 2011)




The wind has altered its previous direction,

And the trees have shed their bark;

This world has fallen upon imperfection,

While day has turned to dark.


Eyes once filled with vibrant joy,

Have suddenly lapsed to a rigid gray;

Ears that anticipated every ploy,

Now garble and fend the decibels away.


The ideas that circulated in perpetual motion,

And the dreams of hurdling the clouds;

Even the aspirations to chase the ocean,

Have now been wrapped in ungainly shrouds.


The ambience of grand illusion has suddenly ended,

And an avalanche of emotion has crept from within;

A billow of anxiety has now distended,

It is obvious that the enemy is ready to begin.


While the fox strategized at the top of his penthouse,

The reconnaissance was methodically completed;

The surveillance indicated a weakened henhouse,

Ready to be ransacked and thoroughly depleted.


Should the mind now plan for tomorrow’s rain?

Or salvage what’s left of this morning’s sun?

Should it recover and restore the goods that remain?

Or search for replacements of things come undone?


The adversary may intimidate and exert his might,

But he will not prevent us from our Rapture Day,

Our HOPE is ABOVE -- just out of sight,

HE will soon break through and whisk us away!


Just remember that rainbows die at sunset,

In darkness their colors choked and marred,

But supernovas then appear like diamonds on velvet,

Heralding the arrival of our Bright and Morning Star!!


What transpires today we shall endure,

Heartaches of yesteryear shall be entirely forgotten,

One day soon we will be eternally wed,

To our Heavenly Father’s Only Begotten!!