Jill (22 July 2011)




I’ve given up, I’ve given in,

The attacks of the enemy have finally set in;

I’m exhausted, I’m drained, and utterly tired,

And can no longer tread the mud in which I’m mired.


My sails are in rags and entirely tattered,

My original course has been derailed and shattered;

Nothing makes sense, all is in disarray,

I’ve been beaten to a pulp in this mortal foray.



It is NOT on my own power that I continue to survive;

No matter how weak, no matter how forlorn,

It is by the BLOOD OF JESUS that again I am born.


Forget the dreams, forget the visions,

We can ONLY rely upon Heavenly provisions;

Let us stop giving credence to worldly stones that are found,

And immerse ourselves in the WORDS that transcend earthly ground.


It is NOT me!  It is Jesus within me!

He carries me through and sets me free;

He protects me from evil and shelters me from violent storms,

He is not subject to physical constraints or terrestrial norms.


Jesus – thank you for carrying me through,

I’d be headfirst in the sand if it wasn’t for You;

You are my Strength, you are my Hope,

You are the calm when I’ve reached the end of my rope.


All Praise, Honor, and Glory be to You,

How can I even properly thank you for what you do,

There is nothing more I can do on my own,

THANK YOU for sheltering me against the winds that have blown!


It is YOU – it is NOT me,

That gets me through the fiercest sea;

I give You my all – although that isn’t very much,

Nothing is sufficient to earn your Heavenly Touch.


You ARE God, I am only a sinner,

But You died for me to make me a winner;

Nothing on my own could earn the price,

That You paid through your tortuous sacrifice.


THANK YOU JESUS, I am weak while You are strong,

I am in Your Hand – and to You I belong;

I can’t earn it, I deserve the pits of hell,

But because of You, in Heaven I’ll forever dwell.


THANK YOU JESUS for paying a debt You didn’t owe because I owed a debt I couldn’t pay.


HALLELUJAH!!!!    I can’t wait to see You soon!!!