Jennie (15 July 2011)
"A Sign??"

Last night I was thinking about how much longer before the Rapture?  Right after I thought that, I was going into my bedroom to go to sleep and then all of a sudden my alarm clock went off.  Let me tell you that I do not use this alarm clock,  it is on my nightstand for time only purposes.  The alarm went off at
12 midnight.    I believe God was telling me that it's not 2 minutes till midnight, but the spiritual clock is NOW MIDNIGHT.  
TIME IS UP,  I believe we are about to fly.  I also believe the little girls dream because I too have seen the meteors falling from the sky  TWICE, and today is a FULL MOON.  There have been other visions and dreams of meteors happening on a FULLY MOON.  So, my hope for the RETURN OF THE LORD is very high right now.  I just pray it's finally time??   YSIC  Jennie