Jeff B (6 July 2011)
"KJV as "the only English authorized word [sic] of God""

RE: Leslie Fain (5 July 2011)
"Re Suzi"  
When I saw your rather dogmatic pronouncement that the KJV Bible is "the only English authorized word [sic] of God", I immediately thought of an erudite, well reasoned article by Mr. Doug Kutilek, which makes a clear case that "Such a conclusion is fraught with gross defects."
He goes on to observe, "Today this argument is used by self-styled fundamentalists to the same end: to undermine the confidence of Christians in the authority of the Scriptures in the form they were originally given by God".
He says it well, so rather than quote at length, read for yourself this quite remarkable and illuminating dissection of this persistent, and dare I say, pernicious, argument.

Here is the reference link:
Final Authority: Answers to a reader's question of KJV as his "final authority", ---Doug Kutilek, May 1, 2001

Further, reference to your assertion, I note that traditional Christian Biblical exegesis bypasses the KJV and goes directly to the multifaceted meanings of more recently discovered authenticated Greek and Hebrew texts which we now have at our disposal.
Jeff B