Jean Stepnoski (28 July 2011)
"Tammuz 17 to Av 9: Mourning Days or Wedding Days"

Dear Doves,
      This year from Tammuz 17 to Av 9 we can reflect upon 2 groups of people with very different values. Until sunset on 8-9-2011 (Av 9), observant members of the House of Israel participate in 21 days of increasing mourning, especially days 14 to 21. There is sorrow for the destruction and loss of 2 centerpieces of community and personal places of prayer, study, and worship. These are increasing days of intensification, mounting up days, of mourning and sorrow for the 2 Temples at Jerusalem, the national trauma. For the days 1 and 21, fast days according to the prophet Zechariah, observant members of the House of Israel DO NOT EAT and DO NOT DRINK. For these 21 days, observant they DO NOT MARRY or GIVE IN MARRIAGE. These are important facts. Why? They do not mirror THE DAYS of NOAH!
      Some Scriptural researchers believe that the days of Noah was a period of heterosexual and homosexual marriages. For the other of the 2 groups, in the days of marriage from Tammuz 17 to Av 9, some will be EATING and DRINKING each day. For those getting married there will be often expensive catered or restaurant foods. Some in these Wedding Days, will MARRY and GIVE IN MARRIAGE. These events do mirror those of THE DAYS of NOAH. These will be heterosexual and homosexual marriages.
      This year, since 7-25-2011, the State of New York is different than it has been for 234 years since 1776. It is a destination now for gay couples to go to and marry as of that date. These 21 days are days for heterosexual marriages in the U.S.A. and for 16 days are days for homosexual marriage in New York State. In these 16 days and beyond, American citizens from Any of the 50 states can travel to New York State for homosexual marriage ceremonies. New York State is precedent setting, with NO RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT for gay marriage. Pass legislation for homosexual or lesbian marriage in most or all of 50 states? In a sense this is now basically unnecessary since any gay couple from any of the 50 states can now marry in New York State. This is MOMENTOUS! A gay couple with money, can travel, to marry in New York State. Was New York City originally the nation's capitol? Symbolic?
      On Av 9, the mourning, the sorrow, will be at its most intense. It will be the low point, the spiritual NADIR. The days of Awe? No. These days for the observant of the House of Israel, are the Days of Mourning, the Horrible Days, the Terrible Days. Some people going to synagogue  (called going to Temple) will weep, cry, even moan on Av 9. Will there be some great event concerning the Bride of Messiah/ Christ, the Temple not made of human hands on this day? Will a spiritual Temple of those indwelt by The Spirit of Truth go away, be no more, be missed and mourned? Will there be a change for The Temple of The Spirit of Truth (The RESTRAINER) on the 3rd Day? Av 9 this year goes from the 3rd Scriptural Day of the Week to the 4th Day for the nation of Israel. This is the Servant Lamp position, in the midst of the menorah! It will be the Last Day, of the 21 Mourning Days. Will it be Valerie's Sky Blue 21? In His teachings, The Master made clear reference in 3 of 4 Gospels to fasting, mourning, and the return of the groom. Av 9 is the greatest day for mourning in The Scriptural Year, the Day of Loss, the Great Day of Trauma.
      War has begun before against Israel on one of the 4 fast days according to the prophet Zechariah. There was a war begun on Yom Kippur. What might happen on Av 9? What might these 21 days be leading toward? Mourning Days or Marriage Days? "As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of man be." We shall see. The Wedding Day of the Ages may be drawing very near!
With Love and Shalom,