Jean Stepnoski (25 July 2011)
"To Honor Brother Riley"

Dear Doves,
      I am someone who has been very blessed by the Scriptural studies of F.M. Riley. A number of his studies are available at Click on the square Articles on the home page, then his name on the next page. There are dozens of his studies in pdf files. Many are no longer in five doves archives, so it is good to know where to find them now. I am eagerly awaiting his studies 4B and 5 about Psalms 106 to 150. His linkage of Psalms 1-105 from years 1900 to 2005 have been profoundly insightful.
     His studies on Pentecost are there. Here are two things he believes about the Feast of Firstfruits and Pentecost dates. He believes that the Feast of Firstfruits is the day after the weekly Sabbath (Shabbat) during the days of the First Passover/ Unleavened Bread. Would that always be Nisan 16? No. He also believes that the date of Pentecost (Shavuot) is 50 days, not 100, after the Feast of Firstfruits (of the barley). As he has clearly stated, "Pente means 50, not 100." If you want to know where he stands, just go to his-forever to find out. Many absorbing studies are there for you, they will bless you! Reading one partial study does not tell us enough. My prayers are for Brother Riley and his wife Linda, our Sister in Christ. I look forward to seeing them in the Kingdom!
With Love and Shalom,