Jean Stepnoski (15 July 2011)
"At Lamp 4: The Extended Pentecost Season: For Eliane"

Dear Eliane and Doves,
      Thank you for your research and understandings about Pentecost, Eliane. I am thinking about the interims in between the 7 Feasts of the Lord. The dates of them are important, yet the periods, interims, and seasons between each of them also seem to be of much consequence, as well. A case can be made that in between each one is an extended season related to the most recent Feast. It is not, the Feast day has come and gone and then it is all over. There is an ongoing season, an extension, a spiritual lingering experience and resonance. Each is related to harvest of one or more of the 7 species, the crops of ancient Israel. Here are examples. From the Feast of First Fruits until Pentecost we are in the First Fruits Barley Season of harvest of the barley  and the ripening of the wheat. The barley season would not begin and end on the same day, of First Fruits Day. The harvest of barley  and maturation and ripening of wheat,  would be ongoing and in process whether literally, spiritually, or symbolically. From Pentecost until the Feast of Trumpets, we are in the extended wheat season of one or two wheat harvests for Israel. It is the Summer Fruits Season as well, for all the fruits. As the grapes end, the olives the last of the 7,  begin to ripen. In a genuine sense, We Spiritually Remain in Season  ( not day) at the Lamp 4 on the Menorah until Tishri 1 ( beginning the Days of Awe). Whether we see Pentecost at day 49-50 past the Feast of First Fruits or at day 99-100, the Pentecost Season unfolds until the Feast of Trumpets this year. According to the Hillel Calendar, that will be 9-28 to 29 this year.
      If we remain here beyond this month, the continuing daily unfolding of the extended Pentecostal Season may be necessary, and part of the prophetic puzzle! It is noteworthy that in Christian liturgy, this blessed season  extends to Advent. We may be in the concluding days of the final Pentecost Season of The Restrainer, restraining  greater evils and wickedness on Earth! Bless you and thank you again, Eliane, for your graciousness, sincerity, and searching for greater Truth.
With Love and Shalom,