Jean Stepnoski (1 July 2011)
"THE DAY: Two Solar Cycles End and Begin: 7-1-2011"

Dear Doves,
      The date of 7-1-2011 is distinctive. It is THE DAY which ends, with a partial solar eclipse, the last eclipse of a 3 1/2 year cluster of solar eclipses from 2-7-2008 to 7-1-2011. This  7-1 eclipse makes it the Last Day or day 177.14 complete. There are two types of solar eclipses. The first is a set of consecutive eclipses marked by 177.14 day sequences. The 7-1-2011 event ends the set on day 178, which is rounding up the 177.14. When there are 8 eclipses in such a cycle, the cycle lasts 42 lunar months or 1240 days. On 7-1-2011, THE DAY,  the 42 lunar months are complete  and  event 8  solar eclipse completes  the Eighth Day! It is the Third Day before the Rosh Chodesh. It is Last Day, First Day, Third Day, and the Eighth Day!
      The second type of solar eclipse cycle is a non consecutive long cycle called a Saros Cycle The partial solar eclipse on 7-1-2011 will begin, be the First Day, of Soros Cycle 156 (covering a period of 1000 years)! The Messiah/ Christ will rule and reign for His Millennial Reign for 1000 years!
      Here are some curious numbers. From 1-4 to 4-25 was 111 days. From 4-25 to 6-30 add 66 days. That is 177 but we need 177.14. Round it off to the next complete number, day 178, and we are at 7-1-2011. From 6-3-2011, at Sivan 1 and the Rosh Chodesh, to Passover in 2014 is a period of 1260 days. Here are the dates for the last 31/2 years of solar cycle events. Note 1 Av  events in 2008, 2009, and 2010! Av 1 in 2011 will be 8-1-2011 according to the Hillel Calendar. Av 9 will be 8-9.
          2-7-2008   29 Tevet
          8-1-2008   1 Av
          1-26-2009  29 Tevet
          7-22-2009  1 Av
          1-15-2010  29 Tevet
          7-12-2010  1 Av
          1-4-2011   28 Tevet
          7-1-2011   29 Sivan
      The Soros Cycle 156 will repeat every 18 years plus 11 days. It will have 69 events which are also called members. Member 1 begins with event 1 of the partial solar eclipse on 7-1-2011 and goes to member 2, event 2,  on 7-11- 2029. Member 69 ends on 7-14-3237.
      Here are the dates for the 4 Total/Annular Eclipses 42 lunar months or 1240 days away from 7-1-2011, when the cycle renews. There is one in 2014 on Passover, then 2014 on Succot, then 2015 on Passover, then 2015 on Succot.
      How important will 7-1-2011 be? That remains to be seen. Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,