Jana Miller (9 July 2010)
"RE: Joe C. and Fay...God's Black Angel on Assignment"

 Dear Joe ,Fay and other Doves,
 Joe...the black man in your post (that appeared at your place of business) really hit me as a strange and similar event. (See my June 30 post on a dream of David Wilkerson ).  The man I saw in my dream seemed ageless ,too. I thought of him as young because of it. I thought he must be a pastor ,but it may be that i thought that because of the sense of holiness about him, that he was a pastor. He was wearing the tan colored clothing (yes,like in southern or island locations), that you describe. The other thing about the dream that I keep thinking about ,is David saying,"Time to go". ..  I had an experience two years ago when I had told a friend that the night of the '08  election ,that I asked God how to pray for a president that I know is a judgement on our  nation, and my bible opened to Psalm 109.This friend rebuked me for it,(as a Christian,she said she would not pray that). I asked the Lord to confirm to me that I had heard correctly to pray in that manner. That very day I went for a walk and a black man jogged past me wearing a t shirt with 109  in bold blue letters on it!!! There was something very different about him. His clothes were like brand new...never been worn,and also his shoes,too. He had a look of kindness and a smile that I took notice of...I  knew God was answering my question.