Hischild (28 July 2011)
"Thank you Richard Belanger re outer darkness"

Mr. Belanger, thank you for your kind response.  If I may, briefly, address some of your points:
"Outer darkness...lasting for a short or longer time".
If 'man' is not sure of the duration, the similarities to purgatory come to mind where one is placed, I guess, till one is "ready" for heaven. This would be contrary to......"and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Therefore, comfort one another with these words". 1Thess. 4:17-18
"Believers who do not praise God and His Son....do not want to help their fellowman etc."
I would suggest those who do not participate in any of the above are not believers to start with.  The Holy Spirit in the believer initiates praise to God and His Son...and the rest falls into place.  That is the work of the Holy Spirit.
"Your message indicates you have a strong faith in your salvation alone."
Indeed, my salvation is in the finished work at the Cross....alone.  Faith in my Saviour's death for me which, in turn, produces works.  Works that will be tried by fire.  Those that were done for God's Glory, will come forth as gold.  Those that were done for the flesh, will be burned up.
"Neither you nor I can judge whether your life has demonstrated a level of faithfulness after salvation to merit inclusion in the Kingdom of God".
The Blood of Jesus on the doorposts of my heart....alone....merits my inclusion in the Kingdom of God.
Dear brother, I have been "Accepted in the Beloved".  Operative word here..."IN".  When God sees me, He sees me IN Jesus. 
Therefore, simple logic for me is:  I go where Jesus goes.  I live in Him.  He lives in me;  and He will not be in 'darkness' considering, as we all know, "in Him is no darkness at all". 1 John 1:5
We will all have our different 'positions' and 'places' in the Kingdom
Being in outer darkness is not a 'position or place'..... for the believer.
I lovingly, in His Name, agree to disagree.
God bless you richly this day.
Engraved on the Palms of His Hands.