Harvey Troyer (15 July 2011)
"To Charles Landis Concerning your Comments on my Benjamin Netanyahu Article of July 12, 2011—Re: The Gematria of Bibi—Genesis  49:27(KJV)"

July 15, 2011


Dear John Tng and all Faithful Doves:

  To Charles Landis Concerning your Comments on my Benjamin Netanyahu Article of July 12, 2011—Re: The Gematria of Bibi—Genesis  49:27(KJV)


Thank you Charles so much for your response.  Your additional information and comments really blessed me.  So much so that I shared your response on the RFTH Forum right away; and, I got the following response from Regina.


Regina stated: Good morning Harvey, I do pray for Benjamin Netanyahu and only am writing to question the numbers in the post. I don't understand why numbers would be multiplied by other numbers, on what basis conclusions get reached. Could you please explain for those of us number challenged? Why 165? Why multiply date numbers?” [Note: highlighting by ht]




Charles, since you welcomed feedback, do you mind answering Regina’s question?  I will await your answer.


In the meantime, let me ask you if you have read my Five Doves post on Bibi on the Fourth of July of how Author and Journalist Mike Evans helped to fulfill Genesis 49:27 to make Bibi Prime Minister of Israel “twice” by prophesying, praying and laying hands on Bibi.  It involved the “Raid on Entebbe” scenario in which Bibi’s older brother Jonathan Netanyahu was killed in the line of duty fighting against Islamic terrorists to rescue a plane load of Israeli hostages.  As the Commander of Operation Thunderbolt in Entebbe, Uganda on July 4, 1976 on America’s 200th birthday, Bibi’s brave and dedicated brother died in the line of IDF duty to save the lives of his fellow Jewish countrymen.




Now let me point out several other things that I noticed in reviewing your response:


1)  You mention the derivation of the number 153 and the image of “Jesus”. I found this most fascinating because Jesus Christ is the “Son of the Right Hand” of His Father in Heaven and Benjamin also means “son of the right hand”. 



2) 1648 is a betrothed number.  [Israel is God’s “betrothed wife”]


Pasted from:



3) 165 is the midpoint of the nth larger prime and nth smaller prime, for 1 ≤ n ≤ 6.


Pasted from:



[Charles, you multiplied the digits of the “betrothed” number 1648 (the numerical value “Gematria” of “Benjamin” Netanyahu and got the “192” and then multiplied that x 165 = 31680, the numerical value of the “Lord Jesus Christ”.  Can you elaborate a little for Regina?]


God Bless You Brother,


Harvey Troyer