Grace (28 July 2011)
"A Dream I Had Months Ago Finally Came To Pass ~ The RAPTURE Could Be Near"

Greetings Doves,

I have mixed feeling, even as I type this. But I need to share
something important. On 27 July 2011, I found out I was 6 weeks
pregnant, which I least expected. Then I suddenly remembered a dream
given to me months ago, just before I woke up.

In the dream, I saw my spirit body hovering in vast space. There, it
was impressed to me that I would be 1~3 months pregnant at the point
of the Rapture. In other words, the Rapture would occur within the
first 1~3 months of my pregnancy.

Now, of all the past dreams I had, this is the dream that I did not
want to come true ------ the dream that I least expected to come true.
And the reason is, my spouse and I were not planning to have a 2nd
child yet. I never thought this dream I had months ago would
eventually come true in July 2011.

However, it seems that God has been preparing my heart for this 2nd
pregnancy, including a clue to the nearness of Rapture. So I wasn't
too alarmed, when I discovered it. Since even such a least-expected
dream has come to pass, I can't help wondering to myself whether this
is a Rapture confirmation within 1~3 months of my pregnancy?

Notice that these1~3 months counting from July 2011 do include
September, which is the month of the peace treaty deadline for Israel
this year. 27 September 2011 also happens to be the New Moon for that
month, compared to my pregnancy discovery on 27 July 2011.
Coincidence? You decide.