Gerry Almond (9 July 2011)

                                             THE SIGN OF NOAH AND MODERN ISRAEL

I posted on July 5, on Five Doves my basic thoughts about where we may be. I further refined my theory regarding the second part of the “sign of Noah”, which involved the counts of days inside the ark of safety (heaven, in our case).  The first part of 120 years of 360 days each counting Israel’s development turned out to be accurate.  So, I called the days in the ark, the second part of Noah’s sign to Israel.
                                                        THE THEORY

I theorize that IF the dream/vision of the downing of the shuttle Atlantis by moon or space debris actually occurs, it could be along these lines.  This is using the number 11192 posted a few times on this website.  It assumes in this theory to mean the 11th DAY, and the 192nd DAY of the year.

                            THE COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH (RAPTURE)

Today, July 5, 2011, the space shuttle crew assembled at Cape Kennedy for the COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH for a 12 days mission ending 7/20.  The launch date is July 8 in the A. M. hours.  The countdown to possible disaster in 7 days (aligning with the 7 days heads up given to Noah) makes the 11th the 7th day from July 5th.  In the dream/vision, the little girl recognized astronaut Sandra Magnus,  The crew arrived and the countdown began.  This countdown may be the 7 days warning event that some, including I have been trying to identify.  The reason I think so, is because of 11192 identifying 7/11/11 as the 192nd day of 2011.   As the craps shooters saying goes, it is “7 come 11”  Incidentally, add the 7 days warning number of 7 to  the 7/11/11 and you have 7/11/11/7, a mirror image.

                                       THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION

If this is true, the destruction will occur, beginning 7/12, when the shuttle is hit by a space rock from a heavenly body hitting our moon causing millions of rocks to go earthward and pushing the moon closer to the earth.  As a result the shuttle will be forced to return to earth early.  Forty days of raining moon rocks and debris (not water as it was in Noah’s day) will do away with millions and millions of people, 1/3rd of the moon will be gone (darkened), 1/3rd of sea creatures will die, 2/3rds of the seas will be turned to blood, mountains will be moved and there will be locusts  with teeth like lions teeth let loose on the earth, according to Susan and Sabrina in their letters from the Lord.  Of course, GREAT destruction will occur to cities and countryside alike.  Nations will change forever.

After the 40 days of initial judgment, which would end on 8/21, there is 110 days next in line, which, in Noah’s day the ark just floated around seeking land.  It hit land on the 150th day.  So, I theorize that during the 110 days, the surviving world will form the New World Order under martial law in all nations, taking this time to “float around” in order to come up with a set of rules and regulations for surviving mankind to follow.  

                               THE COMING OF ELENIN/NIBIRU

Then comes Elenin/Nibiru to do whatever it is going to do during the 110 days.  It will wreak havoc on an already devastated world.  But, the elite will probably be happy that so many have died, thereby reducing the population of an overcrowded planet, in their thinking.  Next comes the 74 days during which we have Christmas.

                                              IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME

I don’t know how Christmas will be celebrated in the world that is left in December 2011, but I know that it will be greatly different from the usual.  There will be the saddest Christmas season ever known to mankind.  Weeping for the dead and missing, a spiritually dark world with little or no hope of recovery, and a forever changed nation beyond recovery.  Living under martial law and scrounging for food.  Famine rampant due to the God-sent calamities.

                                              HAPPY NEW YEAR?
It is time now for New Year’s resolutions.  After 12/9, for 74 more days until 2/21 men will try to choose a leader.  We all know who that leader will be.  Much political maneuvering will take place, situating the man of sin to come to power.  Satan will be right there doing the orchestration.   Sometime in the following 40 days, before April, this man will become the titular head of the New World Order, which will be worldwide.


On 4/1/2012, having accomplished a full transition to the New World Order, men will probably accept the ruling of the New World Order that the scanner mark is good and will receive it en-masse beginning on All Fool’s Day, April 1.  Just 10 days later, at the dead center of the 70th week of Daniel, the antichrist will proclaim himself to be “godlike” in power and authority, demanding what amounts to worship, thereby identifying himself to be the “abomination that makes desolate” in Jerusalem.  Satan will have entered into him just as he did into Judas Iscariot.  This fulfils Satan’s burning desire to be “like God”, to be worshipped as God.  The God-fearing Jews will then flee to the place (Petra)  prepared for them by God.  They will be simply outraged beyond belief at the gall of this awful satanic man and thus will become the preserved remnant, being protected for 1,260 days of the GREAT TRIBULATION.  They must flee in front of an army of satanically inspired people intent on killing them.  The abomination will have moved his seat of power  to Jerusalem into the Temple area because his former seat of power has been brought down by the awful destructions that have occurred.  He is one of these survivors, the so called elite of this world, who bought their way into the underground caves and dens, and tunnel homes built for them.  These shelters came about because of their prior knowledge of the coming destruction that has just occurred and they had the wealth (taxpayer money) and power to buy into it.  But, NONE of them expected the moon to be hit and damaged, coming closer to the earth, and thereby affecting the tides, seasons, causing more and severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. Now they come out in force for the New World Order.  It is the only way mankind can survive in their mind.  THE GREAT TRIBULATION NOW STARTS!  Up to now, it has been the “wrath of the Lamb”, but now, it morphs into the WRATH OF GOD ALMIGHTY, a time without mercy when God vents His just wrath on a Christ rejecting and Christ hating world system.  This is the second half of the 70th week of Daniel.

                             GOD HAS A BETTER PLAN THAN MAN

Now comes the sending out of the previously sealed 144,000 Jewish evangelists to all the house of Israel (and thereby to what’s left of the world).  Two witnesses, both from O. T. times will miraculously show up IN ISRAEL.  All of this has occurred in 275 days from 7/11/11.  THESE DAYS CONSTITUTE THE GESTATION PERIOD THAT BRINGS THE BIRTH OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION.

So, what of the remaining 90 days of the “sign of Noah”.  I don’t know, except to say that the count includes 5/14/12, the 64th birthday of Israel.

                              ISRAEL IN THE ASCENDANCY AT LAST

Up to now, the age of GRACE has held sway.  As Of 7/11, the LAW returns, because of the exiting of the Holy Spirit with the raptured saints.  Instead of the Holy Spirit being everywhere as in the age of Grace, He now only falls on whom He chooses, just as in the days of David, the King of Israel.  So, now, God’s attention is squarely back on Israel, His covenant people, to whom everlasting promises were made to them by Him.  So, from here on, the emphasis is on Israel and the coming Kingdom Age prophesied for her.  This means that the GREAT TRIBULATION is not only to break the wicked, but it is also to restore planet earth to its pristine condition in anticipation of Israel entering into its kingdom here on earth.
                                            SO, WHAT ABOUT US?

Let’s go back to now to the first part of this paper.  The Bride of Christ is to be raptured.  Now is the time for that!  You see, Jesus told us that the rapture would occur “at a time that ye think not”.  What better time than July?  Nothing sacred feast-wise ever happens in July does it?  No significant feasts, (they gather wood for the temple to use for the altar fire at Yom Kippur), no celebrations to speak of, not even the Black Fast.  That is usually in August.  So July is such a time as Jesus referred to.   Hallelujah…the little girl’s vision/dream clearly several times said July, July, July!  Isn’t it great?

                         WHEN IS THE RAPTURE LIKELY TO BE?

If this THEORY AND SUPPOSITION were to accidentally be substantially correct, based on Genesis 7 and 8 second “sign of Noah”, then where might we expect the rapture, especially if the girl’s dream/vision is accurate?  I’ll tell you the most likely place is July 11/12, 2011.  That means that the shuttle launch will occur on time, the shuttle will be in orbit at the ISS for 2 full days, i. e. 9th and 10th, and will be hit by something on 7/11 or 12 and will have to come back to earth.   As you know, any time the shuttle is up, it is in danger.  The girl’s vision saw an astronaut in space at the time of the hit and it happens that the space walk of one of them is scheduled for 7/12.  But, only God knows the day and hour of the rapture.  

Assuming this, the launch of the space shuttle is a picture of the launch of the rapture event.  Also, assuming this, the rapture will have occurred 985 days into the 70th week of Daniel leaving 275 days until the GREAT TRIBULATION begins.

This whole paper is only an educated guess, but hey, it is fun to speculate.



Gerry Almond