Gerry Almond (28 July 2011)

I am a long time reader of the I AM COMING letters posted here on 5 Doves by both Sabrina of Belgium and Susan of the U. S.  I have watched for clues within the messages as to the nearness of the hour of Christ’s return.  As posted, I think that the 10 year old Philipa, daughter of missionaries in Gineau, whose vision of the clock with 1 minute left makes sense when applied to by the Bible formula of 1 day equals 1,000 years.  Her vision on November 10, 2010 plus the 253/254 days calculated as 1 minute of 1,000 years is July 31/August 1, 2011.

In many of the letters, Jesus said through them, that His return for the Church, His Bride is very near.  “Minutes remain” or sometimes “seconds remain”, etc. are common in the letters.

However, Letter 140 to Susan just 2 days ago in posting LXXX (80) had these revealing words: (caps mine)

“Soon I am coming!  I APPROACH THE EARTH.  I am coming with My angel masses.  They are joining Me,  My winged messengers.  They are coming to earth with Me.  We are coming together.  The sky will be filled with my angels.  They are coming with Me to bring out My people.  What a glorious sight!”

I have postulated that we are in a 21 day delay right now based on the same resistance from satanic forces as was there when Daniel was visited.  Is this approach during the 21 days IF it applies now?  Could be, so it behooves us to be in prayer just as Daniel and his friends were during this time and I think the 21st day will be July 31/August 1.    

Why? Because the last wheat is ripe and the harvest is ended July 31/August 1.  If this is not correct, then we wait, of course.  

Blessings and Glory to God


Gerry Almond