Gerry Almond (26 July 2011)

Here's why.

Matthew 12:40 says that "as Jonah was in the belly of the fish (whale?) 3 days and 3 nights, so shall the Son of Man be in the heart of the earth".  Nowhere else in scripture can 3 days and 3 nights be made into anything else except 3 days and 3 nights.

So Jesus rose on the 3rd day.  How to reconcile this?

In Hebrew time counting, the day began at sunset and ended at sunset each 24 hour period.  In Genesis chapter 1 that was called day and night.  Jesus was nailed to the cross at exactly the same moment that the high priest lashed the Passover lamb to the altar.  He stayed alive on the cross the exact amount of time that the ritual sacrifice took that day.  The blood soaked cloth that was hung outside the  Holy place was to turn white as the blood was consumed by Jehovah but it did not.  I remained blood soaked. Not only that, but the veil of the temple's most holy place was split asunder from top, (way up) to bottom, as Jesus died.

Every so often, the Passover was on Thursday, instead of Saturday because of the lunar calendar anomaly and the year of His crucifixion was such a time.  In that case, to remain ritually clean meant observance of Passover for three days, namely, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  This was taken from the book, "The Jewish Festivals, History and Observances" by Hayyim Schauss, 1938 edition.  The author taught for over 25 years at the Jewish Teacher Seminary in New York and in Los Angeles, at the College of Jewish Studies and at the University of Judaism.  He authored many books and articles on the Jewish religion, its customs, ceremonies and folklore.  He was recognized as an expert par excellent in these topics.

Jesus was crucified on Wednesday following the last supper on Tuesday evening as it went to Wednesday.  In the darkness of Wednesday night He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, was arrested, and tried before the Sanhedrin in an illegal Jewish trial (no trial is allowed at night, supposedly, but that didn't stop the bloodthirsty Pharisees).

Now the technical explanation.  At sunset, there are 14 minutes from the time the sun hits the horizon with its bottom until it disappears at the top of the disk.  At that time, in Jewish law, there are two days, one going and one coming.  Jesus dismissed His spirit at 3 P. M. just 3 hours before sunset.  During that time, the hasty preparations of His body were made.  By the END of sunset that day, He was in the tomb and it was sealed.

The disciples, Joseph and Arimathea and Nicodemus were all ritually clean therefore, as they had not touched a dead body on Passover.  So, Jesus was in the heart of the earth Wednesday to Thursday, Thursday to Friday, and Friday to Saturday.  He arose sometime Sunday.  This makes Him in the heart of the earth 3 days and 3 nights, but still, since the tomb was not sealed until the start of Thursday, He arose, as far a humans counted days on the 3rd day from his burial.

There is absolutely no way to legitimately make the crucifixion on any Friday, no matter who says it how they may try.

I have a time count that I have posted once before.  No one commented on it, but you may if you wish.  Here it is:

Jesus name is numbered in every language of the Bible the same....888.  When He came to earth to die for our sins, He came as our Savior.  He specifically explained that that was his mission, not be a king.  The gematria for Savior is 14.  Multiply 888 x 14 days and you get 12,432.  That in 365.24219 days per year as our calendar is, equals 34 years and 14 days.  If one takes a backward count from the expected end of His life at His first coming, supposing it to be Pentecost that year, and in 32, that was May 29, this is the expected answer to his date of birth.

May 13/14....................................12,432 days.......................................May 25/25

This would be including the day the Holy Spirit came in tongues of fire.  His physical life would have totaled 33.889 years from birth and 54 days from death on the cross until His return (Holy Spirit at Pentecost).

This would mean that Israel was (re)born on the exact anniversary of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I do not know the year, but if you find a Pentecost on May 25/26 back around 32 or so, then we can know the year of His birth as well.  Not only so, we can know the day of His conception by counting back 280 days.  That date is August 7/8, the date of the Black Fast.  What a gift to give on such a black day for them.  And they forsook it, but Praise God Almighty, because of that, I am saved today.

P. S. I kinda think He was crucified in 30, since the Temple was destroyed 40 years later.  Maybe???

P. P. S.  I remember also, as a side note, that Dr. Charles Halff, founder of the Christian Jew Hour radio ministry, (now gone, and he is deceased) wrote a book in which he said that a careful analysis of the gospels will show that the triumphal entry occurred, not on Sunday, but on Saturday, the Sabbath.  Jesus found the temple set up for business beginning at sunset as was infuriated at the diseased birds, less than good lambs, etc. to the point that His righteous anger caused Him to cleanse His house.  The only reason I mention this is to say how fitting that it would be on Saturday, the holy Sabbath day that this event took place.  It makes sense that the crowds were not there, but the sellers were.  He drove them out!!!