Gerry Almond (25 July 2011)


The great steamer United States of America, while steaming full speed, struck an economic iceberg on September 28, 2008, during which the stock market plunged 777+ points.  Many people saw immediately a parallel in type to the sinking of the RMS TITANIC April 15, 1912.  That, coincidentally is tax day in America.

In 1898, author Morgan Robertson wrote a book entitled "Futility" about a steamer named TITAN.  It was a 45,000 ton displacement ship that was 800 feet in length.  It was called "unsinkable" in the book.

In 1912, a nurse/nanny refused to board the TITANIC saying that she had a vision showing it sinking in the north Atlantic Ocean.

Isaac Asimov, as you have reported, wrote a book entitled "Nemesis" in which he saw an incoming threat from the far southern sky, incoming to earth.  He wrote this in 1998 or 1999 and it, too, has turned out to be prophetic of this world system's disaster, just as "Futility" was prophetic of the  TITANIC disaster.

In each and all cases, evil men shook their fists in the face of Almighty God.

The United States did so by demanding removal of all vestiges of God from governments of any level.  It appears that God is using the economic event to end the American Era, to pass the wealth to a New World Order, prophesied in His Holy Book, the BIBLE.  He also gave America a ruler that is not American in either citizenship or mind set.

TITAN, the fictional ship did so by boasting of being "unsinkable". Guess what, she sank.

TITANIC, the real ship did so by boasting that "not even God could sink her".  The only escape was a pitiful handful of lifeboats that saved 700+ that fateful night.  God used this event to end the Edwardian Era, where only a few men had the wealth of the world in their hands.  This wealth passed on to their widows, who used the money, to a great extent, for libraries, hospitals, and such.

And now the world, by stonewalling information about the incoming disasters that await planet earth.  The blood of billions will be on the hands of those who knew and would not inform.  Also, by their stark unbelief, they have condemned themselves to certain judgment by the God of the universe.  The only escape will be the Bride of Christ, with the majority of those alive left behind to certain destruction.


Gerry Almond