Gerry Almond (23 July 2011)

John and Doves:

Thoughts (and hopes).


The space shuttle Atlantis came home 21 minutes EARLY, according to a post by Gerlinda here on 5 Doves as taken from Spaceweather website July 22. I watched Fox news coverage as it landed in the darkness of the morning before dawn July 21st and was seen by news crews, but only dimly.  Thus, if it were damaged before reentry, we would not know it, and neither the astronauts or NASA will tell if this is the case.  It was in the dream/vision of the little girl, though.  I will assume it was hit or damaged lightly for the purposes of this post.

This may not mean that the next event will be the moon being hit by a celestial object, moving it closer to earth, and sending rocks raining down on the earth as in the dream/vision, but I will assume that it will happen for purposes of this post.  And an earthquake that dislodges caskets???  Maybe so??

But BEFORE these events, she saw the Lord Jesus in the clouds surrounded by myriads of angels, with archangels on each side of Him.  She saw the dead in Christ rise up to meet Him and then she saw the living taken.  

This can only be the rapture,  If the rapture event is July 31, the very last day of July, there will remain only 255 days until April 11/12, 2012, the day the AC proclaims himself to be God.  This person is called the abomination that makes desolate.  (Such evil not to be capitalized).

So, how possible is this??  It is possible, of course.  How plausible???  It is also plausible, of course.  How likely??  We will have to wait and see, but the wait will only be for 9 days from now.  And during the 9 days, the moon will be hit.

Is there any support for such a theory as this?

Remember that when Daniel prayed for an answer as to why the Babylonian captivity had not ended exactly on the date it was suppose to, namely his birthday, he and others went to prayer.  (Read Daniel chapter 10).  Daniel and company prayed for 21 long days, and then he (alone) was visited by heavenly messengers (the pre-incarnate Christ was one, I believe, the other the archangel Michael).  These told him that from the first day of prayer, he was heard in heaven, BUT THE PRINCE OF PERSIA (an evil angel) HAD FOUGHT THEIR JOURNEY TO COME TO HIM FOR 21 DAYS AND HAD DELAYED!!! THEIR ARRIVAL.  This delay may be repeated now, as Christ and the archangel Michael come for the Bride.

Someone has posted recently regarding seeing the numbers 21 and 22.  I think this may be the meaning of the two figures, as there are two days at all times on the earth.  A 21 day delay would obviously encompass the 22nd day also.  

Remember Vincent Tan’s number of 2.34?  Well, 234 may well figure into this also.  Consider….The United States ended it’s 234th year since July 4, 1776 on July 4, 2011.  The country may indicate the end date for us, influenced by a DELAY of 21 days.  Thus, July 4 plus 21 days is July 24, inclusive count.  Then, at this point there is yet another time delay.  That is found in the experience of Noah.  God called Noah to go into the ark 7 days before the destruction came.  From July 25 through July 31, inclusive count is 7 days.  

A post recently has declared the “true” Pentecost date to be July 31/August 1.  That fits the date that would be indicated in the above scenario.  So on a time line it would look like this:

July 2011                                                                                      August 2011
  !-----------------------21 days----------------------!-------7 days------!

If the shuttle’s early landing was due to forced re-entry 21 minutes early, then the events of the dream/vision of the little girl will take place over about 10 days.  That is time enough for the things she saw to happen.  

Based on the above, we should look at July 24/25 as perhaps the moon strike, thus warning us that in 7 days, the destruction will come???

If nothing else, it is interesting to speculate.


Gerry Almond