Gerlinda (28 July 2011)
"Thank You Mercer for the Religious Tower of Babel article"

 To Mercer:  Thank you so much for forwarding this on.  When, oh, when will True Born-Again Christians get it through their nogins that uniting with various "moral' groups in prayer does nothing but make them feel good.  This is another attempt to bring Ecumenicalism and  One World Government together to fix the ills that religion and politics perpetrated in the first place to bring back their  "Mystery Babylon".  Only Jesus Christ will fix this.  He is the Prince of Peace.  Individually we can each  do our part for ourselves, family and friends by telling others the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will save those that choose the "Narrow Gate".   gerlinda

A Religious Tower of Babel: Why I Believe Christians Should Not Participate in Governor Perry's "The Response"
By Brannon Howse