Gerlinda (21 July 2011)
"Picture of Jesus on Receipt?"

The picture of Jesus on the Receipt looked way too eerie.  We have to remember that Satan sends such images.  Examples of the many sightings of The Queen of Heaven seen world-wide doesn't make it Kosher, does it?  First of all, God spoke against the worship of The Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah 44:17,18,19 & 25.  Another thing we have to question is why such an image of "jesus" would have the look of some Moslem "jesus", whom is religated to the position of just a prophet and not the Only Begotten Son of The Almighty God.  Perhaps, it is another tactic by the enemy of our souls to cause people to demote with  reverence  Jesus the Christ?  As Born-Again believers, it is a constant job of discernment as the Holy Spirit gives us.