Gerlinda (15 July 2011)
"For Dayana T  about #21 & 22"

For Dayana T #21 & 22 "humbly watching for Rapture".
I do not get visions nor seldom a dream but have been blessed by the Lord to be able to line up the abundance of evidence shown to so many others.  The significance of this time period of June 21 to July 22 as being God's Zodiac House of Cancer, which is complete with stars galore with names such as sheep, bee-hive, cattle, Greater Sheep-Fold ad Lesser Sheep-Gold but most importantly the Ship Argo that brings the Redeemed Home has stuck with me for years.  I even remembering telling Jim Bramlett that I picked this time of the year but the year was unclear (just hoping for that year) until this year of mulitutde heavenly wonders.   I refer to E. W. Bullinger's information on this. Course this is my own short paraphraised version but if you have his book "Wittness of The Stars",  take a look at his chapter on Cancer and read it for yourself.   No other Zodiac sign has any of these names that depict such a vivid picture of us, the Sheep. The next sign, Leo beginning on July 22nd is full of only one message and that is about Yeshua, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
And if you add the day of lift-off on July 8th, orgininally scedualed for 12 days but now extended to 13 days, it brings it to July 21, when according to the little girl's dream, the shuttle is ordered back but gets hit by the debris in it's tail. Where was she when she saw this? Absolutely, she was up, no longer on earth.
The one vision I did have was last year where I was above the earth seeing the earth shake to and fro in such a shaking manner I awoke realizing (and so thankful) that I was not on earth at the time but above it looking down. So, I'm looking for a Cancer lift-off for us as it seems to be the design of God's Own Astronomical Picture in the Heavens. We will be safely home when the rest will befall upon an unbelieving world.
Thank you so much Five Doves for the correct period of  time of the Rapture at the Summer Harvest rather than the Spring one of the grapes. It fits Yacov Ramsel's find in the Bible Code of hain natzel, "Behold the Rapture" happening in the Pentecost Season, the lone summer Feast that Israel can't seem to make much sense out of it but the grafted in Olive Branch sure can comprehend it.  Praise Yeshua.