Gerlinda (11 July 2011)
"Concerning Ellen B's article about Pentecost"

Concerning Ellen B's article about Pentecost written on July 7th, I have this to say.  Gerlinda
Oh, but I can't agree with anything more than this. Yacov Rambsel was absolutely correct when he says, hain natzel, which means "Behold the Rapture" was found in the Pentecost scriptures, as he found it in the Bible Codes, which he studied for over 20 years. What Christians do not realize is that there are two crops included in that Summer Feast of Pentecost, as Ellen so correctly pointed out, which has erroroniously been included in the three Spring Feast, which they say have been fulfilled.
Jesus Christ presented Himself  as the First Fruit (the single barely loaf held up by the High Priest onto the Lord).  That is why he told Mary not to touch Him because He had not gone (presented Himself) to the Father yet.   Yet, 10 days later he invited Thomas to touch His wounds.  Think about how completely He fulfilled the necessary ritual of First Fruits, which followed the day after the Sabbath.  He was not only the Perfect Lamb of God but also the High Priest.  Scripture so often speaks of the Church as a wheat field where there grew tares and workers were needed.  The Church must, then, be  the Second Harvest as represented by the two wheat loaves which were presented by the High Priest right at the beginning of the wheat harvest.  The lone Summer Feast of Pentecost's true time is after the second harvest (wheat) which Ellen points out would fall on July 31st.
So, is that little girl's dream correct about July being the month the Lord said the Rapture would happen? It sure seems to be. And let me add here that if the Signs in the Heavens regarding this period we are in right are there to furthur guide us and we are in Cancer which includes all of the names of the stars that deal with the Sheep, cattle, bee-hive and  Argo, the Ship coming for the Redeemed, then does God's Signs in the Heaven  cut it down a bit closer to the time?  If so,  it should fall before Cancer switches over to Leo on July 21st.  Thank You Ellen.  Gerlinda