Frank R Molver (9 July 2011)
"Meat sacrificed to idols is not just food"

Had a bit of a revelation.
I had been discussing an uncomfortable situation re a brother who was drifting into dangerous areas.
The thought, meat sacrificed to idols came to my mind.
One issue was a  musical object used in praise and worship.
It is a Tibetan temple bell, you rube the sides of it with a wooden mallet and it gives of this eerie whirring sound.
The temple bells are made by Buddhist monks, they pray over them to empower them and sell them.
Some of us christians seem to think we can touch anything and it will have no effect on us.
We are Kings kids they say, we are covered, nothing can harm us, nothing we can do will jeopardize our position.
But as I see it, the kings kids were not expected to act unseemly, there was a higher level of behavior expected so as not to bring shame on the crown.
I know full well that what appears to be an inanimate object can have a spiritual power, I was made quite sick once because of my carelessness.
This includes the things we lay our eyes on and listen to, internet, music, TV.
Don't think you can just do anything and it not have an effect on you.
Maybe this is why God is going to bring a change.
Perhaps we won't be contaminated by these things in the future.