Frank R Molver (9 July 2011)
"powerful mocking ministers begin"

Had a disturbing dream that happened twice.
A powerful minister was giving a sermon that sounded good but was actually mocking God.
No one said anything because of his position, they figured it must be correct.
Later I went back into this scene and it was more powerful.
Then a a large group of these ministers of various denominations began what appeared to be a play that mocked the most high.
A family was watching this, the parents were amused and the children had to sit with them learning of this as if it were OK.
I shook my head and walked out.
I feel like that this is probably what is happening, soon they may be without an audience, those who lightly handled the word and were insincere.
The demonic is behind the flowing robes of insincere faith, drawing anyone who will listen down dead end streets.
We really can't afford to play christian, it has to be real.
We can't eat things sacrificed to idols, if you know what I mean.