Frank R Molver (25 July 2011)
"correction re Dalai Lama event"

I was mistaken about who attended the Dalai Lama event.
My friend attended the event with another person whom he could not remember at the time he told me the story.
He gave me 2 names.
I used Pierre's name because my friend remembered that he had knowledge of what the Dalai and his monks were doing in their spiritual ceremonies.
But obviously Pierre did not attend.
My friend attended a lot of political events over a month and a half this summer.
He mentioned this one because of it's significance.
Yes there is a lot of strange spirituality in DC but this was quite bazaar especially their prayers for what they desired Obama to be.
Do you recall that even the media reported on Shaman's [witch doctors] is South America praying for Obama to be president?
There is a lot more occult behind Obama's power then you  can imagine, and it verifies the suspicion many of us have as to who Obama really is.
I do think that what the Dalai did is worthy of note, it is not just another oddity in DC, we are headed toward an AC moment.
Do you notice how the media reveres the Dalai Lama as a "Holy Man"
Looks more like a religious spirit.
Look at the picture of him.
Here is the event of the so called "cleansing"