Frank R Molver (22 July 2011)
"Phil's Murdoch Masonic ties, Rothschild's and Obama"

Interesting piece sent by Phil
Her is an intersting comment to the above article
Tony said (July 19, 2011):

I agree there is much more to this Murdoch scandal and hoping you discover/distill more information about it.
The Rothschild family via tools like Albert Pike and Andrew Weishaupt has thoroughly infiltrated and taken over the head of the masonry upper levels and although I am open to finding those roles reversed...or a new player beyond the Rothschild family pulling the strings...have seen no evidence of it so far.
Jesus turned down the offer of Satan to rule the world (note how he did not refute Satan's claim to power...just the offer)...but the Rothschild family sure looks like they took the deal.

I am afraid that Murdoch is being slapped in order to make sure that Obama can complete whatever they have on his plate (he is the most servile president the Rothschild's have had in a while)...and more and more it is looking like the 3rd world war that Albert Pike predicted almost a century and a half ago to pit Zionism (misled Jews and Christians) against Islam to usher in the age of Satan.....but if this is true, then the fact that God reigns is even that much greater and satanic/rothschild schemes are nothing in the end.