Frank R Molver (22 July 2011)
"re visions of Shuttle"

Obviously those visions re the shuttle mission having to be aborted early because of being hit were not true.
The mission lasted one day longer then scheduled and it is the last one.
The meteor hitting an alien space base on the opposite side of the moon should have been a clue.
I do believe there are UFO's, but they are demonic apparitions.
 I have a close christian friend who saw one here 30 years ago.
However, just because we have a bunch of visions saying the same thing does not make it a confirmation.
The devil has been at work for a long time.
So let us use caution re these visions.
I am also subject to them so I am not against them.
It is a method that God can speak to us, but it can also come from the opposite source.