Frank R Molver (15 July 2011)
"Reassurance of God's rprovision in Mary's excellent Lacking post"
Below is the intro, God's miraculous provision found in the link above, see the photo
Recently, I read an article that stated science had created a life force from chemicals.  Then I remembered this article written a few years ago, which seems to me to be so relevant for us today. 
 We need to remember that Jesus sent His disciples out two by two, without extra coats, shoes, cash.  When they returned, rejoicing over the many miracles that happened, He then asked them "did you lack anything?".  None could say that they did.
You and I are living in the perilous times prophesied in the Bible.  Just this week is a threat to take away social security checks!  People are confused, afraid and wondering what to do. But we need to remind ourselves that if we do not abandon our faith and trust in Him and obey the voice of His Spirit,  we too will never lack anything either.  Amen!
Mary E. Adams