Frank R Molver (14 July 2011)
"Sabrina's revelation on goddess of mammon attack"

I usually don't read long posts, I am so lazy.
But today I felt a need to read Sabrina's post.
I see why now, it confirms what I believe God is showing me.
The goddess of mammon warfare seems about to start.
It makes me recall a short vision I had of a huge sea disaster in which we were washed up to the shore.
When we made it to  the shore we were confronted by 2 huge green statue of liberty like goddess who I immediately recognized as the gods of money.
Not sure why they were female.
Anyway, it seems to me that a huge natural disaster is going to bring this on and we will be confronted with our false gods
And you know our false gods are really demons.
You know that don't you?