Frank R Molver (12 July 2011)
"Candace dreams re odd wedding"

I am not sure what the time dream means but it could be a distortion of time due to a pole shift and some one coming when you think not.
But the crocodile wedding dream.
Sounds like a gay marriage to me, 2 guys getting married.
Your right about the crockidile representing satan, had a similar dream seeing one standing up and confronting me.
Maybe the pope is the crockidile and the werewolf Obama.
I had a dream 2 years ago that to me seemed like the covenant was made with satan and his people. There was a crocodile in a wedding dress on top of a castle surrounded by water and a beast(looked like a werewolf) from the sea jumped out and climbed the castle tower stood beside the bride and held hands. Job 41:1 is talking about leviathan and mentions a covenant Job 41:34 says he's the king of the crocodile children kjv so I figure sense satan is a counterfeit he has a counterfeit bride. That's what I got from it because in my dream I knew they were joined so those that made the covenant with the ac are the children of pride because you can only have 1 father. The thing that I don't get is I thought maybe the beast is behemoth in Job 40 I saw but he is the land monster and leviathan is the sea monster but in my dream it was opposite?so I dunno strange. Candace