Frank R Molver (12 July 2011)
"B Hinn's fall of dome show over darkness falls"

I guess this is old news
I just learned that Benny Hinn got a divorce because of infidelity, looks like it happened a year ago.
No big surprise to many.
However I now recall a dream I had about 25 years ago that seems to fit with what we see happening.
Saw a large angry crowd marching in a city like San Fran.
Several tried to calm them by saying that Jesus loves them.
Suddenly they are distracted by an evangelist doing some sort of tricks on top of a dome.
He falls.
The dome represents judgment.
Then darkness falls and us Christians have to survive underground and the Lord deals with us heavily.
Many dreams are pointing to this darkness falling soon with what is happening in the cosmos.
Seems like this is going to happen.