Frank R Molver (11 July 2011)
"update from Fukushima relative"

I have a friend who's parents live 12 miles from Fukushima, they live in the mountains by a river in a new house.
Her parents are old so they want to stay there.
She says that 3 of the reactors have melted down and the radiation is going into the sea and the area around.
There is a populated area in a basin like area 30 miles away that actualy has 3 times more radiation then where her relatives live.
I guess it settles or the wind blows there and sort of stays there.
Anyway, the situation has not got any better and it has effected the economy much more than they are letting on.
So, small potatoes if July 12th brings on what some are speculating.
Fukushima will be happening all over the place if that is true.