Fay (28 July 2011)
"Myra and Henry Heron"

Hi John and Doves,
Myra - I often think of you and Henry Heron. I haven't seen my Heron in a long time. Perhaps he/she is busy with their family - this time of summer. Whatever the case - I have always found that you enable me to remember those posts of late 2010. I mean - I remember them, clearly - but things seem to lose their importance, or sharpness, over time. I recall the insight our LORD gave me, the weekend prior to 22nd Feb 2011 (Christchurch earthquake). The number 5 came up very strongly (I shall look for that post when I have time) Do you remember........the elevator stopping at floor 5? The Fallen Angels advert? I may be completely out of the line here, but those insights are looming large now. I simply cannot believe that our LORD would gift us these insights for nothing. They have never left me - the Christchurch earthquake was the true signal given to me - as well as my fleece request. Our LORD has given us freedom to ask for confirmation and you, Myra, have been the confirmation for many months now. Especially regarding our Heron.
As we watch the drama of our current reality unfold, we still question our own perceptions. How easily does the bizarre become the new norm?? I see the news and have started thinking, "Hmmm - typical". Instead of being outraged, I have numbed my senses. Otherwise it would be difficult to cope. I'm sure we all feel exactly the same. I have my down days, where I feel like our LORD is silent. Then there are the up days where our LORD seems to be virtually throwing the signs at me. I wonder why things have to be so cryptic - so oblique. This giant guessing game. It's confusing and has rendered me pretty useless at every day life. Besides being enormously good at cleaning, my brain is fixated on our LORD and it's hard to focus on the practical business of earning a buck. Can this be right? Surely not. All I can do is pray. It's all very well being told that we are not to love this world - to be apart from this world - but it's a tough world to thrive in if one is not passionate about the world. I don't like to flounder - it brings on insecurity. I crave to feel secure again.
*Sigh* Just letting off steam, Myra.
God Bless you, my dear sister in Christ. And all Doves