Fay (27 July 2011)
"Wonderful Prophecy"

Hi John and Doves,
I was so excited when I watched this video clip. It brought brand new wisdom and makes perfect sense. The prophecies of Isaiah that have been fulfilled - literally this year of 2011!! Pastor Ray Bentley also covers the signs (signals) in the sun, moon and stars. Just wonderful. He also talks about the Mazzeroth, connecting to the Sphinx and the pyramids. His theory is that the "Riddle of the Sphinx" is no riddle. The Sphinx is an amalgamation of a woman (Virgo) and a lion (Leo). Our redemption story has been written in the heavens and begins with the Virgin and ends with the Lion. Interesting (understatement :) ) that Leo (the Lion) is for the month of Av (August) and Virgo (the Virgin) is for the month of September. The beginning and the end seasons. I probably haven't put this very well so please try and find time to watch (not very long) This clip is fascinating and will truly bless you A definite 'must see'.
God Bless