Fay (21 July 2011)
"Obama a Muslim??"

Hi John and Doves,
I know that most Doves have seen the footage in this link. There is some new stuff - so worth watching. It just strikes me that we should have little doubt as to whether Obama is a type of AC or is instrumental in the bringing about of the AC. He (Obama) bangs on and on about how wonderful the muslims are - how much of a debt society owes them regarding innovations in writing etc. Has anyone ever heard him giving praise to the Jews? For the Jewish contribution to medicine, science, physics, art etc? Has he ever brought up just how transformed the land of Israel has become since the Jewish people came back to the Holy Land? He has mocked the Bible - bigged up homosexuality (to the point of totally demoralizing the American defense forces) He (Obama) couldn't have screamed his allegiances louder. We are definitely dealing with evil here. No two ways about it.
The flipping British are no better. I had high hopes for this Conservative government. The phone hacking scandal re Rupert Murdoch is a disgusting debacle. Rupert Murdoch sat in the hearing with his beautiful young wife behind him - mouthing denials and pleading ignorance. For one - a man of his advanced age looks totally ridiculous with such a young, beautiful wife. Most secular folk would say - "Good on him - if you can, why not" but it is NOT what a Christian man would indulge in. Murdoch's wife is another bauble and it screams volumes about his priorities and state of mind. The lies and deceit are nauseating.
Jim Bramlett - I must thank you again for your illuminating article regarding healing. It has transformed the way I pray. I've always been a strong believer but have always stopped short of 'expecting' our LORD to deliver. I cannot thank you enough for that post. I could do my job today without feeling like the hunchback of Notre Dames - hobbling along with a foot the size of a blimp. My family need the money I bring in so this was a major worry for all of us. Bless you Jim.
God Bless