Fay (2 July 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
Whilst I do try to avoid the subject of Glenn Beck - SUCH a hot potato - I can not keep quiet any longer. There is something deeply sinister unfolding, and I believe this is part of the 'great deception'. Please watch the launch of Glenn Beck TV on the link below. See the significance of the Masonic compass and all the other symbology. A skull and crossbones, with a crown, on Beck's shirt??????  I would have left this subject well alone if it wasn't for the fact that Glenn Beck is going to take the leading role in Jerusalem on 24th August 2011. There is no ignoring this. It is what it is. There is obviously a tussle for power. Between the Masonic dudes and the Obama dudes. We are witnessing a huge power play. OR a giant set-up - with Obama playing the role of 'bad cop' to Beck's 'good cop'. Let's not be tunnel visioned about this. It's dangerous and is a major sign of the times.