Fay (11 July 2011)
"Strange but True"

Hi John and Doves,
After reading this - and other articles like it, it occurred to me that this is all part of the demonic activity we have witnessed in the last few years. The PTB are obviously protecting anyone and anything that are blatantly demon possessed. Let's face it fellow Christians.....call a spade a spade. Evil is part and parcel of being demon possessed. Murder, in any form is evil - there is no excuse for it. Protecting the perps whilst neglecting the victims is illogical. How is it that we have been bamboozled by 'legalize speak' and PC rubbish? This is the demonic aiding and abetting the demonic. All peas in a pod. If we are to take our LORD Jesus seriously, during His time here, on earth - demonic activity was alive and kicking. Why should we be naive about it being dormant now?
PLEASE Beloved LORD Jesus - come soon.