Fay (11 July 2011)
"John & Mariel"

Hi John, Mariel and Doves,
John - I have been praying for you (along with all the Doves, I'm sure!) and hope that you're feeling healthy and strong. Your hard work is so appreciated, John. We probably have little idea just how much work and time this wonderful site takes to maintain. May our LORD bless and protect you John.
Please can we all pray for Mariel (aka: Rowina) She lives in Los Alamos and conditions have been very tough there. Frightening as well. They are being told to evacuate which is easier said than done. Motorways and roads are closed and the smoke is terrible. Mariel's health is fragile and she cannot make the journey on her own. I pray the LORD gives her strength, courage, protection and comfort. It will be a blessed relief to hear from Mariel once she's safe and sound.
In Jesus' Beloved Name
Thanks, Fay!