Eric Rose (6 July 2011)

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What do think of the following…confusing for me

The comment made of my last blog concerning to be or not to be made me realize how much people really do misunderstand what the Scripture really does say concerning rebirth, justification and sanctification. The entire Bible is in fact orientated towards REBIRTH, and not so much of what happens AFTER THE FACT. The comments from Eric are very troubling, because it sounds  like to me that this is attempting to “refine the flesh” and “purify” oneself with no testimony beforehand of meeting Christ! Unless I misread,  of course.

The MANY all thought they were JUSTIFIED. They went about attempting to be “sanctified” by whitewashing  THEMSELVES BY “GOOD THOUGHTS, RIGHT ACTIONS” ETC., which of course is no different from keeping THE LAW or rituals to JUSTIFY themselves before a Holy God. It cannot be done.

No one is JUSTIFIED or SANCTIFIED unless and until that walk the narrow way unto DEATH. There they are to SIT in the lowest room and wait for the one who bade them to the wedding comes (arrives) to them and says, friend, come up higher. Therefore one cannot claim they are JUSTIFIED or SANCTIFIED UNLESS AND UNTIL they have the testimony of REBIRTH which, by the way DOES BOTH.

1. Having picked up the cross and died the DEATH.

2. Knowing they were a hell bound sinner facing permanent death, and this knowing is NOT a mental knowing, it is far deeper than any mental activity.  (That’s what the Holy Spirit does to you, judging you of sin, righteousness and judgment. (look up the word for judgment).

3. Sitting in the LOWEST ROOM (PIT OF DEATH) and waiting upon the Lord.

4. Having Jesus Christ come directly and personally to you and showing you what DIVINE AGAPE LOVE IS. It must be shown to you, revealed from on high to you because no person knows at all what it is in their natural carnal state. ( Read Pilgram’s Progress and the argument Faith had with Christian if you don’t believe it).

5.  When Divine Love is shown to you (you have come to the LIGHT) AND THEN THE JUDGEMENT BEGINS.

6. DIVINE AGAPE IS THE STANDARD BY WHICH EVERY PERSON WILL BE JUDGED BY. You can either do it via the strait gate and narrow way or when you die (but then it is too late to be saved). If Divine Love is the standard, we must be adjusted to that standard). ONCE TO DIE THEN THE JUDGMENT applies to all. The strait gate and narrow way are ONCE TO DIE. The Judgement is the revelation of Divine Love and you are judged by it. No man, no woman,  no one can stand up to it – all are guilty. It is at this judgment that Jesus steps forward to save you from. This is when He offers HIS ROBE OF COVERING TO YOU. . That is why it must be done while you’re alive here on Earth. Otherwise there is no salvation. It’s all in the Bible, over and over again. It is just that people do not want to see it, and they refuse it).

7. Once this love type has been shown, it must be accepted. The acceptance of God’s love is in fact true BIBLE repentance.  (Godly sorrow leadeth to a repentance not to be repented off). You are repenting of your own loves and accepting His.  This is what the Lord meant when He says “except to be agreed they cannot walk together” and when He says “I will show my COVENANT to mine elect”. How can anyone agree to something they know nothing about? This is why it MUST and HAS TO BE REVEALED TO YOU BY THE LORD HIMSELF.

8. He will speak to you and He will call you by name. He will first of all SHOW YOU HIS LOVE, and then ask you if you WIlL ACCEPT IT. (You will find this in John, “my sheep hear my voice and I call them by name) type of comments.

9. If you accept His offer, and OPEN YOUR DOOR, He will come in to you along with THE FATHER and they will take up their abode with you.

10.  If this happen you are at that time JUSTIFIED and SANCTIFIED AND WILL LATER BY GLORIFIED.

Now this not to say, nor have I ever said,  that AFTER THIS TESTIMONY OF AUTHENTIC AND TRUE REBIRTH, that the Holy Spirit and Christ within will not begin the process of “cleaning out” the OLD MAN BUT THIS IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT TYPE OF “SANCTIFICATION”. AND IT IS NOT YOU WHO DO IT, IT IS THE LORD HIMSELF. You are to shed off the old man and put on the new. It is this feature that allows you to be used by the Lord as a true ambassador for Him. This form of “sanctification” is an inside to outside work of God, it has little to do with you, it is SPIRIT STRIVING AGAINST THE FLESH, and the FLESH STRIVING AGAINST THE SPIRIT. This latter type of sanctification is wholly and totally different that REBIRTH SANCTIFICATION.

You have no justification whatsoever. It is the Lord that JUSTIFIES, and He alone. We cannot earn our justification by good thoughts and right deeds. We cannot be sanctified whatsoever without genuine rebirth.

My point is simple – the vast majority of people HAVE NO GENUINE TESTIMONY OF TRUE REBIRTH. They dance around it. Either they cannot admit it, or just can’t face any of the true Bible testimony concerning it. It is none of my business if someone is born again or no. It is between them and the Lord. Our ministry has been one of pointing out to people what true and genuine rebirth really is. I have done so. But I fear that many might read what Eric said and be lead away from their finding of Christ.  Jesus did not use the words ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, STRIVE and LABOR TO FIND THE TRUTH FOR NOTHING. He meant every word of it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE TESTIMONY OF REBIRTH AS GIVEN IN THE SCRIPTURE BEFORE YOU WORRY ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE. That tesimony is 1-10 above, and all of it in the Bible over and over again. SEEK THE LORD WHILE HE MAY BE FOUND!!!

Now as to people following me? I have never asked ANYONE to follow me. I have always asked them to GET INTO THAT BIBLE AND STUDY WHAT IT SAYS, THEN DO WHAT IT SAYS, AND MEET CHRIST. After that happen, worry about being sanctified in the flesh – which takes all your life.

Maybe I am wrong, but that’s I read those comments.

HAVE YOU MET CHRIST? HAVE YOU BEEN IN DEATH?  HAVE YOU BEEN SHOWN THE DIVINE LOVE OF CHRIST? HAVE YOU ACCEPTED IT IN YOUR JUDGMENT? These questions have to be answered by each individual. Don’t let pride or anything else get in your way to answer this. And one more thing: THIS IS NOT SOME MENTAL BELIEF THING. It is not something you THINK ABOUT mentally, with a “I think so”. There is no question whatsoever when the Lord comes to you. It like standing before an atomic bom when it goes off. YOU KNOW IT, and YOU KNOW IT IN THE ABSOLUTE KNOWING SENSE, because it is just as experiential as that. That is why the Kolbrin states it like it does, and just as the Bible does. The ancients KNEW THE HIDDEN SECRET. Satan’s angels of light, you know the modern-day preachers, teachers and evangelists have hidden it away, keep it locked up and they have no genuine rebirth testimony, and further rail against it with all of their might. They are liars and deceivers.  

All of this is, of course, denied by modern Christianity. There are a lot of deceivers out there who want to take you off track from the FIRST WORK. That work is REBIRTH. Don’t worry about the SECOND WORK OF GRACE UNTIL THE FIRST WORK IS COMPLETED and you CAN TESTIFY TO IT. What do you think happened to the many? They all thought they were JUSTIFIED and SANCTIFIED. They were not. It never happened. Beware the works of flesh and the carnal mind. It is busy iwith works of the flesh because it cannot discern things spiritual and in many cases thinks it is doing God’s commandments.


Eric Rose