Elliot Hong (9 July 2011)
"For in case..."

Dear Doves:
For in case that the Departure doesn't take place before a catastrophe hits, it's necessary to store emergency
foods, water and other items for at least 2-3 weeks, although the Brides will be protected by angels.
It's very possible that G-d allows the International Peace Summit (scheduled on 7/11) to do their works, then
begins to act.
Therefore, if nothing happens on 7/11, the Fullmoon day is a good possiblility, since it's 30 days from the Total
Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Fullmoon which appeared over Jerusalem on June 15.
Remember the prophetic word "in the top of it's phase" that John Lawler received?  A great explosion could be
related to "Atlantis" and meteor shower.