Elliot Hong (25 July 2011)
"Remember the Whale?"

Dear Doves:
Remember the whale that showed up in the ocean of Tel Aviv around the Independence Day of Israel last year?
I learned that whales disappeared from the Mediterranean Sea over 3 hundred years ago and live only in the Pacific nowadays.
No wonder Israelis were so excited to watch that whale.
But when I read the news about it, I knew right away that the ocean of Joppa was where God sent that whale to.
I have a pleasant memory to visit at a park of Joppa, so I know Joppa is connected to Tel Aviv very closely.
Joppa was the port where Jonah got on the ship headed for Tarshish running away from the Lord, and I felt strongly the reason that God sent the
whale over there was to remind us Matthew 12:40.
Surprisingly, Marcus made a connection between the above verse and the Solar Eclipses which occurred on the same day of Av 1 three years in a row.
And in the previous post, I made a connection between Luke 13:6-9 and the 3 Solar Eclipses.
Could it be possible that the Whale, the three Solar Eclipses, Luke 13:6-9 and Matthew 12:40 are all connected by a design of God?
I hope so, and this is why Aug.1(Av 1), the New Moon, could be a significant day to watch for me.
Well, if nothing happens, then Tisha B'Av and Tu B'Av are the next.