Elliot Hong (15 July 2011)
"Re: Marcus, Urgent Rapture Watch!"

Dear Marcus and Doves:
You did a good job.
It's very convincing.
And it made me to rethink my last post.
I believe the three Solar Eclipses represent the three years that a fig tree didn't bear fruits,
and the owner allowed one more year to cut it down.
By the Georgian calendar, July 11 was one year from the third Solar Eclipse, but by the Jewish
calendar, as you mentioned, Aug. 1(Av 1) is one year, since Adar II was added in last February.
Thus the SD/Departure could come anytime before Aug. 1, and if those dreams about "Atlantis"
are from the Almighty, they could come anytime before or on July 21.
See you soon,