Eliane B (27 July 2011)
"To Robert Belanger - Re: Warning!"


Dear Robert,


I will read more of the recommended articles and I thank you for providing their links. As I said before, I always read your posts with great interest and respect.


I think that there are details in scripture that are really hard to understand or to be precisely interpreted in their complete unfolding, and maybe some of those details we only come to fully understand when we are in Heaven. I think that sometimes we get a little too anxious about getting all those details right. It’s possible that our Father delights that we have the interest of debating about those Heavenly issues, while some many worldly people despise the treasures hidden in the Word of God.


I sometimes think about a “Five Doves Lounge” or “Garden” in Heaven when we meet personally and say “Didn’t I say that?!!!!!” That will be really funny!!! (and ridiculous…!!!!)   


It’s interesting that while we are studying and debating, we are growing in wisdom and humbleness. We can never be proud of anything and we must all admit that we can be right in some matters but may be wrong in many other issues. We are really so limited while still in this flesh.


In regard to your statement about myself probably being mature and qualified as a minority or Christians, I’m not so sure about that! I sometimes get so concerned about the coming of the Bridegroom happening so soon and in the “D” day I realize that I’m not worthy or ready. I think I tremble of fear. We’re so used to days coming and going that I sometimes think that even when we watch, we watch not really believing that ONE of those days will be THE day, and that on that very day, we might not be really expecting anything.


I really pray that the Lord helps us all to be ready and that we rest in His love for us. I think that rapture will really be an act of mercy from our Lord, as most of us Christians (especially myself) don’t deserve it.


May the Lord strengthen us and encourage us while He tarries. We have been saved by His precious blood, that’s what comforts me most.


Love from YSIC,