Eliane B (27 July 2011)
"To Nando- Re: Rapture at the end of the month of July 2011?"


In response to http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/july2011/nando726.htm


Dear Nando,


Thank you for your message. First of all, let me say that I don’t think I’m correct in everything. I can make mistakes and I also have to learn a lot. I’m a seeker of truth like everybody else here and we are all fallible. I’m open to being educated and very often I review previous views. We all have to be humble and always prove what we believe against scripture.


In regard to the year, please allow me to remind you (and all readers) that I’m not saying that anything will necessarily happen in 2011. We simply don’t know. Of course I’m excited about our watch on the true Pentecost, but it is possible that nothing happens this year. We must be prepared so as not to be disappointed. We just have to watch and try to be ready all the time. Taking every opportunity to bear fruit in our lives and to take people to Christ. This is how we must redeem the time.


In regard to the resurrections, I believe there are only two resurrections narrated in Revelation. Rev 20:4 is a bit confusing because the verse refers to the first resurrection after making a parenthesis about the second resurrection (then it returns to the subject of the first one).  The first resurrection comes in phases and refers to believers. The second resurrection refers to all that have died as unbelievers since the beginning of humanity and all that will die during the millennium reign. Right after the second resurrection comes the Final Judgment, the Great White Throne, which is not for believers who have already been judged before.


I think that the sheep and the goats listed on Matthew 25:31 are those who are going to inhabit the Millennium in mortal bodies, who Jesus, after the Second Coming, has to judge and separate before starting His Kingdom. “Goats” who survive the Tribulation will not be allowed to live during the Millenium on Earth. Only sheep. They will have mortal bodies and will live as humans and procreate during the Millenium. This is what I understand from Psalms 37:11 and Matthew 5:5:


Psalms 37:11: “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”


Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”


I believe that “the meek” being referenced above are the “sheep”. They will inherit the Earth as humans, as mortals. We as believers will reign with Christ, we will have Heaven and Earth, be co-heirs with Christ Himself. What a glory! I can’t even imagine such honor. I feel so ashamed. I really don’t deserve that.


I think that the sheep and goat judgment has nothing to do with believers who had already been judged (in the Judgment Seat of Christ) and received immortal and glorified bodies.


Concerning the timing of the Last Trump rapture, I believe it will not be midtrib, but only some time during the last year of the shortened Tribulation. It is possible that only the Two Witnesses are resurrected/raptured in the exact middle of the Tribulation. We don’t know if there’s anyone else that will be raptured with them at that same point in time. If there is, in this case the Last Trump rapture would be a third one. As a matter of fact, Jesus talks about two extra watches after the Bridegroom returns from the wedding, in Luke 12:38. We don’t know.


Love from YSIC